Incorporated in 1938 as a public service organization, the Pacific Palisades Civic League has been dedicated to preserving and improving the residential character in Tract 9300 Community. In 1943, The Palisades Corporation deeded its responsibilities for the CC&R’s (covenants, condition and restrictions) to the Pacific Palisades Civic League making the PPCL the successor to the original founding development entity. The right to enforce the CC&R’s was assignable and the Palisades Corporation assigned those rights to the PPCL with the 1943 deed.

For the following 73 years, the Pacific Palisades Civic League has been reviewing and approving plans for homes in Tract 9300, the area surrounding the commercial Village and including much of the Palisades from the El Medio Bluffs to Chautauqua Boulevard. (Map of Tract 9300) It is the legal obligation of the Civic League to review for compliance the standards of outward appearance and design of structures in this Tract by reviewing all plans for construction, alteration and landscaping.

In 1989, after extensive public hearings, new design guidelines were developed for Tract 9300 that established more reasonable development standards for residential properties. The design guidelines serve as a general plan for the protection, maintenance, improvement and development of properties within this reserve area. Compliance by homeowners contributes to the beauty, desirability and value of homes in Tract 9300 of Pacific Palisades.

If you are planning to build in Tract 9300 we encourage you to review the Civic League Design Guidelines so your future project will conform to the adopted standards.  (PPCL Design Guidelines) Your proposed project will need to be submitted to the Pacific Palisades Civic League for review and approval (PPCL Application Package).

The proposed project application will be evaluated by the Plan Review Committee who, will make its recommendations to the PPCL Board at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  Should the Board find that it does not have all of the facts or that the project does not comply to the PPCL Design Guidelines, the Board reserves the right to Table the project and request additional information or that corrected plans be submitted prior to making any final decision. The monthly PPCL meetings are open to the public and we encourage neighbors to comment on proposed projects and construction. After the presentation of all of the evidence, the Board will make its own determination after open deliberation.  It is important to note that the PPCL does not regulate the protection of views but does look at each project as to massing density, height, setbacks and landscaping.

The Board will vote on each project and the recommendation of the Board will be final.

–  Pacific Palisades Design Review Board